Another Kind

Another kind of rhyme

Is brother from the start;

Never left behind—

Fever in the heart!

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So, So.

We loved across the sea,

Half round the world plate;

It mattered not to me

How near or far my date.

Yet time was marching slow

When I first saw you there

Waving that tiny note—

Your smile was just so, so fair.

Yes, you were there for me

And, more so, there for you.

Your dream-life you set free

For one who sang, “Want you!”

And now we’ve passed a year;

Our love weaves deep and strong.

So dear, you’re so, so dear,

And oh, so l, your song!

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Chores Finished

Now the daytine chores are finished,

Now the fry and boil diminished,

Now the washing up is over—

Put away are salt and pepper—

Up the stairway to the shower,

There to soak for half an hour!

Feel the drops through pipe a-spurting,

Cool the water, so diverting!

Then to rub with towel so handy,

Feeling light and lovely sexy,

Thinking of the joys of loving—

Dovey love so gently luffing!

Now get dressed for dreamy sleeping,

Neathe the aircon, under cover

With your un–imagined lover!

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Go Slumping

Deep and dark the night is coming;

Somene’s laying back and slumping.

Dreams of peace begin their dumping,

Sighing soft and saying nothing.

Clouds around are lightly bumping,

One I know begins her laughing,

She’s no cloud, but soon-be sleeper,

As the night grows darker, deeper.

Night will sweetly shout, “Let’s keep her!

Keep her sleeping, sleepng sweeter.”

All the bushes, they’ll be shaking

When the dawn comes in for waking.

So, sleep, my dear, get rest, go slumping,

Be for daylight how of loving!

Dreams of peace to thee are dumping.

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So Sleep

I sing you a song for your sleeping

To be with you all night long,

And the dreams of your sleep, for glad keeping,

Will ever and ever be strong.

My love will around you be humming,

And lull you to sleep that is true,

While deep in the music is something

That holds very tight on to you.

So sleep, have no fear, heed not worry,

Our love, it is stronger than strong.

All that’s good will be smiling, un-sorry,

Fulfilled with our heartbeats of song.

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Dear You

Dear heart of my beating heart that echoes true

The beats of love that leap to me from you,

I catch them in this happy heart of mine

And shake them out in throbs called Valentine.

Dear lips and eyes and brow, your beauty I avow,

Your face ringed in dark shadows of your hair;

And when a task is to be done, you are the fiercest one,

And I am all astound with lovers’ fire.

Dear you, dear you, dear you, my Valentine so true,

You are the shining goal of my desire.

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You’re The Making

You’re the reason my heart’s in season

For beating strong and fast.

You’re the winning of love’s beginning

That never goes on past.

Caring always, in big and small ways,

We love us deep and true.

You’re the making of all the taking

I give on back to you.

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