If You Can

If you can keep your eyes wide open

When all about you are closing theirs,

If you can look beyond the hopeless

And give back Fate unflinching stares,

If you can face resenting evil

And judge it rotten to the core,

And with a mind that’s logic level

Crush its maliced falseness more;

If you can hear the mad ones boast

That all their zeroes add up whole,

And communistic care’s the most

That man can feel within his soul—-

And cross it, stamp it, spit it out

As utmost evil without doubt,

Then lift, above these dead-souled fiends,

The songs of free-born, free men’s glory—

And prove in action what that means!

And be the hero’s self-made story,

And rise and shine on manly beams!

If this, and more, you raise and praise,

Then you will own the heart of light,

To shine through you with all its right!

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Let Me Rest

Ugliness in Lover-Dover? Nay!

Oh, my dear, what things you say!

Must be a plot, may be a scheme;

If it is not, must be I dream!

I know you, dear; you want to hear—

You’re beautiful beyond compare!

And so I whisper in your ear,

“Your beauty is a thing so rare,

It’s in your lips, your eyes, your hair;

It’s all of you, your everywhere!

It shines from you a spring-ish light,

Surpasses sun and May-leaves bright.

It smashes me with such a force,

I’d crash if I were on a horse!

On through my eyes, up to my brain,

I’m washed away in beauty’s rain.

I’m drowned and pounded, lie on floor

Till I can’t take your beauty more!

O Lover-Dover, be you kind,

And let me rest one minute blind!

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Sunny Avenue

Oh, I went down to meet you on the sunny avenue,

The buildings pulled ne taller just looking for you.

I was so very happy that we were gonna meet,

I don’t know how I did it—staying on my feet.

I was all set to fly away with you to somewhere great,

Alone with you to kiss and woo

And love appreciate.

Yes, I was set to ho somewhere,

But baby, this is fine—

Behind this wall and waterfall

I’ll kiss and make you mine!

When love is in the city there are places oh so neat,

To catch your lovey-dovey and sweep her off her feet.

When love is in the city you’re never going blind,

Cause everywhere’s a good where to find!

Behind that tree, that pillar tall,

Or in that elevator—

We’re goin’ round and up and down—

We catch up soon or later!

But baby, this is best of all,

On this sunny avenue—

To kiss you first

And quench my thirst—

Yes, baby, this will do!

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Selfishness Triumphs

Oh, my son, my son, my son,

I am so proud of what we’ve done!

Four years it was to get you through

And I, mom, you, we did it! Yes!

The music college of your choice—

A violin—-and not your voice!

Oh, but yes, you loved it so,

Although we’d so little money, oh!

So I took on an extra job,

And she became one great saver,

And you, you studied day and night—

Such egoist behavior!

The violin was a sacred light.

Inside the sound-proof room you played,

The room my extra money made.

And we gave you encouragement a ton!

And then, that day you said you wanted—

Wanted what? A tutor, a mentor?

Oh, I got him at a fat, fat price!

But don’t think I was selfless!

Doing it for you made me feel proud!

And now, you are near master of that beautiful violin!

And this is the greatest thing—you love it! Oh, yes, you love it!

Oh, what a reward for me and mother.

You really, really love it!

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For Kristi Noem

I write this praising poem

For Governor Kristi Noem,

Who steers her freedom state

Past Fear, low Evil’s mate.

Past hate that’s communistic

She guideth strong and true.

This Governor Kristi Noem

Knows fully what to do.

For man’s individual rights,

And Honesty, their sire,

Governor Kristi Noem

Is giant in desire:

That American freedom

Will stand up long

If but one state rise

For love-of-man more strong!

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Love Of Beauty

Softly, slowly,

Deep and holy,

Love of beauty

Glides along.

Always flowing,

Truly going,

Peaceful loving

All life long.

See it, hear it,

Feel it, know it;

Hold and mold it

All day long.

Into midnight

Sing its power—

Ocean, flower,

Hair and sky.

Moving, proving,

Man is holy,

Song of beauty

Gliding by.

Never pausing,

Not abating,

Beauty waiting

All life long.

Tender being,

Eyes agreeing,

Golden smile

All life through.

Lips a-shining,

Mind surmising,

Joy surprising,

Beauty’s song.

Softly, slowly,

Deep and holy,

Love of beauty

Glides along.

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I Fell

I fell, I fell, I fell for you

Down into the beauty of your eyes.

I was free up on a mountaintop,

I was strolling right along.

Light as a bird at a fountain-stop

A-singin’ an easy song.

An’ then I turned a corner—

An’ lo! what should I see—

A great big cliff and an ocean

Gazing up at me.

I fell, I fell, I fell for you

Down into the beauty of your eyes.

It wasn’t a case of gravity,

It wasn’t a case of glue,

But I was struck with Paradise

When I looked at you!

I fell, I fell, I fell for you

Down into the beauty of your eyes.

It wasn’t a case of “I am lost”,

It wasn’t a case of pain,

But when I looked upon your face

I knew that I was slain!

I fell, I fell, I fell for you

Down into the beauty of your eyes!

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A Song For Ella

Like a song in springtime

When a lover gets his start,

He might not have the words yet,

But the tune is in his heart.

He might not have the climax

Of his little symphony,

But the end is just beginning

When he’s looking at me.

Oh, like a song in Winter,

Or like a song in Fall,

The words are just a label for—

“You’ve got it all.”

And like a song in Summer,

That never stops at night,

The tune’s the full moon

Of love’s might.

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In The Bright

In the bright bright light of day

When the good men go to work,

All the town is feeling gay,

Happy as the month of May,

Lovely as a holiday,

When the good men go to work!


In the dim dim light of night

When the good men go back home,

All the town is proud to be

Center of life’s victory,

Leader of joy’s mastery

When the good men go back home!

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Grown Desire

Pure is the low note, stronger than love;

Nothing is so low, Hell is above.

Deepest acceptance, holiest bliss,

Selfishness selfish—nothing like this!

Low, it is lowly—down in your gut!

Wholly and holy—you are the what.

What-for and wherefore and why is your “I”?

You are the the reason meaning won’t die!

Stronger than stronger, lower than low,

You are the highest wherever you go!

Wings from Olympus, rockets past Mars,

You are the purpose nobody bars!

Now is the low note longing to be

One with the sun that is never off “See!”

You are the thinker, low in the shade,

Musing and pondering, all unafraid.

Truth cannot shake you, Falsehood not move;

Time is you waiting your spirit to prove.

Spirit that’s reason, logic your pyre—

Sacrifice naught but an unthought desire.

Up comes the low note, up from each lung—

Waking and breaking, glad to be sung!

Selfish with self-love ringing so bright,

Ego that’s shooting day over night!

Low flows, goes low, stronger than fire!

Lower, so low—-Lo! Grown Desire!

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Rockabye Alpheus

Rockabye Alpheus,

Angel of song.

Rockabye Alpheus,

Don’t you cry long.

Our little Alpheus,

You are so sweet,

Our little Alpheus

Can’t be beat.

Opening eyes now,

Seeing your mom,

All of the world is your new home.

Happy to have you here,

Alpheus true,

We are in wonder

To be here with you.

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For the beauty of your face

Men might search them every place,

But not find.

On your lips and in your eyes

Is that gift of sweet surprise

Of your mind.

We proud men must bow before

Your fair truth that we adore—-

Music heard.

Akouson, a fledgling new,

Send it flying ever true,

As your word!

Then we’ll hear, in every place,

The beauty if your face

And your mind.

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Poems For Baby Alpheus

Lips are closed, a little move,

A little turn of head.

What does such soft motion prove?

What word unheard was said?

We may wonder, but not know.

Beauty’s baby steals the show.


Fingers flexing, waving air.

A loving poem wants out, right there!


Such a smile! Tongue ‘tween lips!

The heart of love from out us slips—

Slips and rushes, bows before—

This precious darling we adore.


There is a yawn, a yawn so right,

We don’t care if it’s day or night.

Alpheus, snuggled up so tight,

All of us love with all our might.

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Rain comes for falling,

Wind comes to blow.

Storm comes a-calling,

“Laugh, and then go!”

I’m on a mission,

Kisses to sow;

Real, and not fiction—

Reign, reign, Oh!

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In Irons

You, love, I watched you,

You, under trees;

Leaves all about you,

Buzzings of bees.

Then you went upward,

Straight up a hill;

I was enchanted,

Claimed by your will.

You, dear, I watched you,

You, under sky;

Looked all about you,

Flung your arms high!

Then you soared upward,

Straight up in rhyme!

I was in irons,

Claimed for all time!

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The King

I had grabbed your arm for a second,

Grabbed it, squeezed it tight.

Mine you were, you knew it.

I was the king of night.

Then you looked and smiled,

Twinkles bright in eyes—

I was just a peon

Worshipping the sky.

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Pure Heaven

Oh, l will hold pure heaven on my chest

When you have spoke my poetry to me.

When you have uttered utterings of mine,

And on your mouth l see life’s wonder-sign—

The ever-quiver tremble of lit love,

That vibrates quiet to the stars above—

Then, oh then, oh then—then on my chest!

Yea, I will hold you there! My prize—-Best!

For rhyme in time will come to say my say,

Most masterly come striding down the way,

Like giant now, benevolent in bliss,

With cheeks accepting of a giant kiss.

When you have all my poetry confessed

I’ll hold the purest heaven on my chest.

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Ripped Pillows

Oh, the memorable potion of your poised lips press ,

When our mouths made music out of perfect happiness;

And that evening of quiet—a strong diet of fire—

With its spirit-soft flanes winging higher and higher,

As we felt us through feathers of our pillows ripped open—

Oh, oh! Till that magical action of our slow-moving press

Made our mouths a new music out of pure happiness!

No more higher to go—but our bodies, minds: one—

We were gains in our winning what our living had done!

Now, no, not forgotten—Never, Never! No!

No regret and no fate; again will be so.

One week more, that is all, making three altogether,

Till our one, it is won, as ripped pillows we gather!

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The Race Of One

I love the race of one;

I race myself till my race is done—

Standing alone, number one!

The race of me

Is mine alone;

One race of thought,

And will and act,

Till I become

My highest fact.

True solo races

I, too, do love.

I honor the race of one.

The race of one is noble,

The race of one is high.

Only races of one

Stand stars up in the sky.

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The Silent Height

In the glow of the sun,

In the sun’s great glow,

You were there, hair as fire.

I saw, saw you walking,

A golden glory pure as flame.

Through the green, green of leafings,

Through the trees, on you stepped,

Up the hill, stepped so gently,

Pushing lightly branches back.

Then a clearing, space of quiet;

Strange it was, no birds were there.

On a rock you sat, sat still.

I was listening, there, in quiet;

I was listening, I kept still.

Then I heard it (yea for hearing),

Then I heard your shining voice.

Yes, ’twas shining; how else name it?

Softly glowed it, radiant, too.

Song no others ever heard,

Song of human wind and bird.

Song that I in joy was hearing,

Song of light I’d not betray—

Keep it secret, life endearing,

Singing sunlight, ray on ray.

Then on up you rose so flamelike.

Brighter still you seemed to me.

I knew I, I had witnessed

Sacred one, supremely right,

Alone upon the silent height.

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O, sing the self

And ring the self,

And sing yourself in you.

We’re celebrating self today,

For selves are coming through!

One’s dancing—-there!

One’s writing—-there!

One’s saying something new!

We’re celebrating Self today,

Cause Self is what we do!

The soul of self, it is right high,

And often seems most rare.

It’s in the single, brow-kiss “I”

Of thinking-loving care!

Alone, alone, in solemn place,

It gives your beauty grace;

Is all its own sweet single race

Of glory till it die.

So sing yourself,

And ring yourself,

And swing yourself in you.

Be celebrating Self today,

Cause Self is what you do!

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A Giant Laugh

Strong sun a-burst with all his might

Out of MOUNtainous cloud;

The spires of man he re-ignites

With streaming hold so proud.

Each city on the eastern coast

Blazes!—-a fiery fount!

While busy people glance, and boast,

“Our works are works that count!”

Now stormy clouds a-roll on back;

Deep darkness stuns the day.

But flash-of-man makes bright attack

As thinkers shout, “Hooray!”

Electric stars—-see!—-strongly shine

Against the thick’ning storm,

While through it all I stand alone,

Laughing to see the norm.

A giant laugh for cloud and sun;

A giant laugh for man;

A joyous laugh for all to come

Since giant man began!

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I sit amidst fair trees,

Bare rocks, wee green things growing.

The little stream in midst of these

So quietly is flowing.

A tiny, puffy cloud goes by,

Its silent motion cheering—

At home up in the silent sky,

As I here in this clearing.

A fuzzy bee plays ’round my hand,

Then goes to bounce a flower.

Two butterflies—together—fan

Delight with quick, soft power.

I sit, I hear, I see,

This life around me flowing.

So quietly, so free,

A-going, going, going.

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Upon the hills of my love’s breast the lamplight falls;

On up the hills of my love’s cheeks it ‘gins to rise.

From bridge of nose to forehead slowly goes,

While in between I see the sparks of dang’rous eyes.

A radiant crown of raven blue—-her hair,

As down she flits beside me in her chair.

She offers me two hands, two lips, one kiss,

And in my book I lose my place for this.

The pages slide and flutter, light goes out!

The room is dark, yet seem fair stars about.

I feel the curling petals of some fire

And all my book is one great poem—-Desire!

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With All Our Might (dedicated to Elon Musk)

On rocketship I glide away

From all this mindless, helpless gray

To youthful dream of yesterday

That shines so very bright.

The will to leap now springs so true

That “Blast off” is my thing to do,

And I am man now seeing new

The world so very bright.

The shade of earth is passing by

(With useless chains intil you die);

The altruists are in deny

Of life so very bright.

My happy love-of-life is strong,

I break the bonds of “can’t” with song,

For traitor Kant was ever wrong,

And Reason is so bright!

This profit-venture is my test—

Demands of me my very best;

From mythic gods I gladly wrest

This world so very bright!

The planets, stars, a-one by one,

I take until the taking’s done,

My brother laughing—he, the sun,

Who shines with all our might!

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