Coming (Oct. 31, 2017)

I have not held you, nor have touched your hand;

I have not seen you in the flesh of you,

Nor how you walk, not even how you stand.

I have not heard you speak, or even hum;

No hard and solid fact have I of you

To add to my imaginary sum.

I have your messages upon a screen,

A screen not even mine, of glassy sheen.

We see, react, are typing in between

High thoughts that fly unbodied through the air,

And yet, to say we’re spirits is not fair.

For you are very real and very rare.

I’ll have a poem, untyped, within my hand,

To give you when my plane comes in to land.

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Hair Up Top!

You said “Hi!” I heard.

I saw dark, bluish black hair—

Yesterday’s doo.

If l were a bird

I’d be singing everywhere,

“You are new, new, new!”

But I’m not a bird,

So l just gaze in rapt daze

And speak one word—“You.”

You smile, satisfied;

You look in glass, satisfied;

We sip coffee—good.

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Four Lips

Four lips are great gods;

When pressed firmly together

Four lips are great gods.

Two lips are good;

Not good enough.

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My Inner Sight

I am so glad, when day goes by,

That I’ve got you in my inner eye.

I see your smile; your lips do shine.

Your eyes, with flames, say you are mine.

My inner sight is so, so true,

That all it sees is all of you.

It sees no stars, it sees no sun;

Sees only you are my only one.

My inner sight, it is so right.

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Oh, I Know A Woman

Oh, I know a woman dark and bright;

Her dark eyes shine with such a light

That I am overjoyed to see them;

For then, oh then, so warm I grow,

Real loving warm—yes, it is so—

That oh, l seem to dizzify,

To almost faint away and die!

My dark, my bright! My bright, my dark!

I love her, love her, love her so!

Oh, I know a woman.

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Oh, My

Oh, my dear shopper,

Shop-shopping all day,

As if every shop

Was a banjo to play.

You walk down an aisle,

The goods do all smile—

The bottles and boxes

So glad you are there

To clink them together,

Or carry them off,

Like light, stormy weather

With a Santa Claus laugh!

Ho ho, hee hee,

They leap in your trolley!

Ha ha, hee hee!

Such fun is this shopping!

No, no, never stopping!

Till trolley is full

Of fruit beautiful!

Or with liver for Bingo,

Or fish for the men,

Until it is time

To go shopping again!

And yet, just for you,

To boil an egg so, so beautifully new!

Oh, my dear shopper,

Shop shopping all day!

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Do It Right!

Down deep in the mind and soul of Hong Kong

The light-center—Hero—is switching to On!

Oriental—not mainly; eastern—not all;

For the spirit of human surrounds this whole ball.

The spirit of freedom, free choice of free act,

With no loathsome tyrant, who goodness has lacked—-

This spirit is beauty, it gives only light;

To self—our one duty! Do! Do it right!

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