If every day I sent a poem to your heart, its lovely home,

There to stay and never roam,

And if my lips were wet with dew

Just because of loving you,

I think I might seal closed mine eyes

So they weren’t burnt by Paradise

In looking on your face so fair,

And my ears, too, would quiv’ring be

From hearing your delivery—

So charged with your true inner light

That they’d be winged and fly all night!

And yet, your hand on me when close embraced

Is more than every dream l’ve chased.

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With The Great…

With the great morning

Comes the great you,

Sunshine of my day.

There is mo song more sweet,

No flower more sure,

No one thing that is more

Than the you I adore—

The one true sun I stand before

With happy hands and happy feet.

My happy hands meet happy hands,

My toes touch happy toes.

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Speedy Luffy Duff

Soup, eggs, coffee,

Running all around;

Here and there goes Luffy,

Doesn’t make a sound!

She is speedy, she is fast,

Does everything just right.

Try to see her

If you can—

You must have fast sight!

Her hands are quick,

Her feet fast, too!

Her body quickly follows.

She’s not a ghost,

But makes the most

‘Tween everybody’s swallows!

Breakfast done—

To work, let’s go!

Give Luffy loving wishes.

While we think

Into the sink

So fast she throws the dishes!

Luffy Duffy

We love so—

There’s nothing that gets past her.

She keeps us jumping,

On the go—

Tai Jei Jei—

No one’s faster!

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Victory (Aug. 12, 2017)

Oh, down the downy cliff I go,

Falling free for my love true,

And there she’s shouting, “You’re too slow!

I would fall more fast for you!”

Small tree slides by, large rocks fly by,

Down and down I faster go,

And smaller grows the shrinking sky,

While louder her soft voice does grow.

“Oh, can’t you fall more faster, dear?

Must I wait the whole long day?”

At last I hit; I’m in the clear.

But where’s my Love? She’s run away!

Then Ha ha ha! and Hee hee hee!

I hear behind a greenish hill,

And Love runs bumping into me

And we both fall like Jack and Jill.

We roll on grass, I kiss her twice;

She half frowns at me.

Done playing then, I kiss her thrice,

All for ageless victory!

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When I was ten and you were three

I bounced and bounced you on my knee.

At eighty I will kiss you much

Because my knee has lost its touch.

Oh, what is fiction, what is fact?

It matters not, just so we act!

But if you yearn to bounce my knee

I’ll bounce you once, with kisses free!

Oh, so long we’ve been apart,

And Age says, “Go, it’s time to start.”

We can’t make up for sixty years

Unless in bliss time disappears.

So love me, dear, and I’ll love you,

And we will live our lives a-new!

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The High Sign (Nov. 11, 2017)

I’m ready for flying,

I’m ready to be,

With one I am dying—

Almost—to see!

She’ll be there awaiting

With a big white sign—

Says, “There’s no debating,

Mr. Brian, you’re mine!”

Then, “What?” I’ll say, kidding,

“This sign is for me?

Dear sign, you’re my lover,

Forever, I see.”

Then back of the sign

I hear a “boo-hoo”;

I look, see one smiling—

My leg-puller—-you!

With high spirit of your soul

You do spin my heart’s control

Till I am one hot blaze of loving fire!

You are sharp and cool and fast,

Your heart-competence will last,

And your hands held in my hands is my desire!!

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Coming (Oct. 31, 2017)

I have not held you, nor have touched your hand;

I have not seen you in the flesh of you,

Nor how you walk, not even how you stand.

I have not heard you speak, or even hum;

No hard and solid fact have I of you

To add to my imaginary sum.

I have your messages upon a screen,

A screen not even mine, of glassy sheen.

We see, react, are typing in between

High thoughts that fly unbodied through the air,

And yet, to say we’re spirits is not fair.

For you are very real and very rare.

I’ll have a poem, untyped, within my hand,

To give you when my plane comes in to land.

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