Up from under, rising fast,

The tower shoots in silent blast

Past cars and buses, buildings small,

To tower, tower, over all!

And up ride I in outside lift

To see the city’s far-spread gift

Of motion, and of stillness new,

Sparkling in the sun so true.

Up from under, rising high,

Through earth and air, into the sky,

A finger pointing—“That’s the way!

Sweet baby blue is yours today!”

And so we dream, and work like fire

That lifts self-flame of self-desire

Higher, to an endless height

Of leaping stars in tow’ring night!

Over the under the world towers,

The world of thinkers, achievers, Rand,

And we stand happy, our reas’ning powers

Giving us glory to understand!

Our knowledge rises, towers beside us,

Our friend ever giving of beauty of soul.

Principle’s towers all around guide us,

Whose selves are the guiders in self-control!

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