If You Can

If you can keep your eyes wide open

When all about you are closing theirs,

If you can look beyond the hopeless

And give back Fate unflinching stares,

If you can face resenting evil

And judge it rotten to the core,

And with a mind that’s logic level

Crush its maliced falseness more;

If you can hear the mad ones boast

That all their zeroes add up whole,

And communistic care’s the most

That man can feel within his soul—-

And cross it, stamp it, spit it out

As utmost evil without doubt,

Then lift, above these dead-souled fiends,

The songs of free-born, free men’s glory—

And prove in action what that means!

And be the hero’s self-made story,

And rise and shine on manly beams!

If this, and more, you raise and praise,

Then you will own the heart of light,

To shine through you with all its right!

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