Let Me Rest

Ugliness in Lover-Dover? Nay!

Oh, my dear, what things you say!

Must be a plot, may be a scheme;

If it is not, must be I dream!

I know you, dear; you want to hear—

You’re beautiful beyond compare!

And so I whisper in your ear,

“Your beauty is a thing so rare,

It’s in your lips, your eyes, your hair;

It’s all of you, your everywhere!

It shines from you a spring-ish light,

Surpasses sun and May-leaves bright.

It smashes me with such a force,

I’d crash if I were on a horse!

On through my eyes, up to my brain,

I’m washed away in beauty’s rain.

I’m drowned and pounded, lie on floor

Till I can’t take your beauty more!

O Lover-Dover, be you kind,

And let me rest one minute blind!

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