Sunny Avenue

Oh, I went down to meet you on the sunny avenue,

The buildings pulled ne taller just looking for you.

I was so very happy that we were gonna meet,

I don’t know how I did it—staying on my feet.

I was all set to fly away with you to somewhere great,

Alone with you to kiss and woo

And love appreciate.

Yes, I was set to ho somewhere,

But baby, this is fine—

Behind this wall and waterfall

I’ll kiss and make you mine!

When love is in the city there are places oh so neat,

To catch your lovey-dovey and sweep her off her feet.

When love is in the city you’re never going blind,

Cause everywhere’s a good where to find!

Behind that tree, that pillar tall,

Or in that elevator—

We’re goin’ round and up and down—

We catch up soon or later!

But baby, this is best of all,

On this sunny avenue—

To kiss you first

And quench my thirst—

Yes, baby, this will do!

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