Selfishness Triumphs

Oh, my son, my son, my son,

I am so proud of what we’ve done!

Four years it was to get you through

And I, mom, you, we did it! Yes!

The music college of your choice—

A violin—-and not your voice!

Oh, but yes, you loved it so,

Although we’d so little money, oh!

So I took on an extra job,

And she became one great saver,

And you, you studied day and night—

Such egoist behavior!

The violin was a sacred light.

Inside the sound-proof room you played,

The room my extra money made.

And we gave you encouragement a ton!

And then, that day you said you wanted—

Wanted what? A tutor, a mentor?

Oh, I got him at a fat, fat price!

But don’t think I was selfless!

Doing it for you made me feel proud!

And now, you are near master of that beautiful violin!

And this is the greatest thing—you love it! Oh, yes, you love it!

Oh, what a reward for me and mother.

You really, really love it!

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