Grown Desire

Pure is the low note, stronger than love;

Nothing is so low, Hell is above.

Deepest acceptance, holiest bliss,

Selfishness selfish—nothing like this!

Low, it is lowly—down in your gut!

Wholly and holy—you are the what.

What-for and wherefore and why is your “I”?

You are the the reason meaning won’t die!

Stronger than stronger, lower than low,

You are the highest wherever you go!

Wings from Olympus, rockets past Mars,

You are the purpose nobody bars!

Now is the low note longing to be

One with the sun that is never off “See!”

You are the thinker, low in the shade,

Musing and pondering, all unafraid.

Truth cannot shake you, Falsehood not move;

Time is you waiting your spirit to prove.

Spirit that’s reason, logic your pyre—

Sacrifice naught but an unthought desire.

Up comes the low note, up from each lung—

Waking and breaking, glad to be sung!

Selfish with self-love ringing so bright,

Ego that’s shooting day over night!

Low flows, goes low, stronger than fire!

Lower, so low—-Lo! Grown Desire!

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