The Silent Height

In the glow of the sun,

In the sun’s great glow,

You were there, hair as fire.

I saw, saw you walking,

A golden glory pure as flame.

Through the green, green of leafings,

Through the trees, on you stepped,

Up the hill, stepped so gently,

Pushing lightly branches back.

Then a clearing, space of quiet;

Strange it was, no birds were there.

On a rock you sat, sat still.

I was listening, there, in quiet;

I was listening, I kept still.

Then I heard it (yea for hearing),

Then I heard your shining voice.

Yes, ’twas shining; how else name it?

Softly glowed it, radiant, too.

Song no others ever heard,

Song of human wind and bird.

Song that I in joy was hearing,

Song of light I’d not betray—

Keep it secret, life endearing,

Singing sunlight, ray on ray.

Then on up you rose so flamelike.

Brighter still you seemed to me.

I knew I, I had witnessed

Sacred one, supremely right,

Alone upon the silent height.

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