In Outer Space

I found your face in outer space,

Beyond the farthest stars.

My ship was light, l traveled right,

Sped past the moon and Mars.

Venus was nice, but much too coy;

I wanted someone real.

I shot away from her fake joy

In search of my ideal.

Pluto, oh, a cold, cold hag;

I warped away so fast!

Better off with a wrinkled bag

In permanency cast!

I banked to left, then flew straight on,

Saw glitt’ring stars unknown.

A heaven of jewels spread out like dawn—

And one standing all alone.

So radiant ’twas, green, purple, gold.

Could hardly trust my eyes!

I felt my self in a magic zone

At edge of Paradise!

I nearer went; it shrank away.

In essence, it was shy.

This first for me— on my last day—

To kiss the world goodbye.

Then, when l stopped, it grew so small—

A woman was, so fair!

Nay! She was more than beautiful,

The answer to my prayer!

I leaped from ship, stood by her side;

I breathed, but don’t know how!

I only know that l felt pride.

To see her eyes aglow!

You know the rest, for it was you,

Who’re now my own dear wife.

The loveliest “it” I ever knew,

Sweet partner of my life!

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