Speedy Luffy Duff

Soup, eggs, coffee,

Running all around;

Here and there goes Luffy,

Doesn’t make a sound!

She is speedy, she is fast,

Does everything just right.

Try to see her

If you can—

You must have fast sight!

Her hands are quick,

Her feet fast, too!

Her body quickly follows.

She’s not a ghost,

But makes the most

‘Tween everybody’s swallows!

Breakfast done—

To work, let’s go!

Give Luffy loving wishes.

While we think

Into the sink

So fast she throws the dishes!

Luffy Duffy

We love so—

There’s nothing that gets past her.

She keeps us jumping,

On the go—

Tai Jei Jei—

No one’s faster!

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