Victory (Aug. 12, 2017)

Oh, down the downy cliff I go,

Falling free for my love true,

And there she’s shouting, “You’re too slow!

I would fall more fast for you!”

Small tree slides by, large rocks fly by,

Down and down I faster go,

And smaller grows the shrinking sky,

While louder her soft voice does grow.

“Oh, can’t you fall more faster, dear?

Must I wait the whole long day?”

At last I hit; I’m in the clear.

But where’s my Love? She’s run away!

Then Ha ha ha! and Hee hee hee!

I hear behind a greenish hill,

And Love runs bumping into me

And we both fall like Jack and Jill.

We roll on grass, I kiss her twice;

She half frowns at me.

Done playing then, I kiss her thrice,

All for ageless victory!

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