The High Sign (Nov. 11, 2017)

I’m ready for flying,

I’m ready to be,

With one I am dying—

Almost—to see!

She’ll be there awaiting

With a big white sign—

Says, “There’s no debating,

Mr. Brian, you’re mine!”

Then, “What?” I’ll say, kidding,

“This sign is for me?

Dear sign, you’re my lover,

Forever, I see.”

Then back of the sign

I hear a “boo-hoo”;

I look, see one smiling—

My leg-puller—-you!

With high spirit of your soul

You do spin my heart’s control

Till I am one hot blaze of loving fire!

You are sharp and cool and fast,

Your heart-competence will last,

And your hands held in my hands is my desire!!

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