It Starts With One

One voice, it has spoken,

One young man has said,

“Me, I am living,

And I will be free.”

Voice two—hear it echo

With passion sublime,

“This earth is for living,

My thought is no crime!”

Voice three and voice four—

Man, woman, speak out,

“Truth is our leader,

Our souls have no doubt!”

Five, six and seven,

Young, older, too,

They pick up the chorus

And voice it a-new!

Men must be free!

Mind must be free!

Put down your tyranny,

Let us be free!”

And soon the whole city

For freedom does stand,

And soon the whole world

Puts “Free” in command!

And Joy strides up singing,

And Beauty stands tall,

And living, pure living,

Is master of all!

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