Our Balcony

My Juliette and me,

We have our balcony,

And I walk by and wave

To she who is so brave

In waving with a smile

That is her happy style.

This Juliette and I,

This fancy of my eye,

We’re glad as glad can be

To have our balcony!

Sometimes old Chan is there,

And I must “exercise”

And walk like I don’t care

For Juliette’s dark eyes.

But she, she waves a hand,

And I, I spin about,

Till mixed up is old Chan—

His brains are inside out!

Then I do go on straight,

Juliette does do a chore,

And we act like we do not see

Each other anymore!

Oh, strange is love sometimes,

When fools get in the way.

But Romeo has strong rhymes

To make true loving stay!

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