I Am

Rise for America,

Rise, and then go—

Into the battle

To beat the foe!

They are the communists,

No-man-souled, worse,

Hating free life

In the whole universe!

Individuals hating,

Star-enhancing of mind;

Creators and thinkers—

They’d ban us and blind.

Lovers of noth-noth,

Of ugliness, too,

They look for the one thing

To nothing-out you.

You, the self-truster,

You, the must, real,

Who, in self-luster

Flash-fills your ideal.

Ah! They can’t stand it!—

A self that is whole!

To drown, down command it,

They’d kill it–your soul.

But you are America,

Great man of this earth.

In you is its firstness,

True glory of worth!

For “I” be you fighting—

Each woman, each man,

Your ego-light lighting

The sky with—-I am!

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