The Golden Law

Up in Heaven God pressed a bit of invisible tissue between his finger and thumb and said, “Tiny soul, l am putting you inside this human cell, which is too small to be seen, where you will grow to almost an inch after a few years. But never forget that you are a bad, bad sinner, deserving of the worst punishment. As soon as you are born you must begin feeling guilt for your evil nature. Oh, what a terrible, horrible thing you are!

And the body you inhabit is even fouler than you!

Oh, who created such loathesome things!?

You begin dreaming and hoping, planning, then loving. Oh, such a plague of badness! But really no worse than you are right this minute! An ugly, contemptible, inexorably evil thing! Sinner! Sinner! Sinner!

I have said it, and therefore, it is so!

I could have said differently, but chose not too. My whim is the Golden Law.

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