Rest, My Dear

Rest, my dearest rest your tired limbs;

The birds will sing the sweetest of all their sweet’ning hymns.

And I, I’ll speak a line or two of loveydovey verse,

While you lay back and dream all day of showers un-reversed.

See! The mist comes lightly falling, falling through the air;

The mist comes lightly falling

To cover you with care.

So cool and so relaxed you feel,

So wonderfully at ease

You know you are in Paradise with every fresh’ning breeze.

So cool so cool, so very cool,

That you begin to laugh,

Then open eyes and look at me

Till I, you, laugh and laugh!

There’s no more strain, no duty left;

Traditions sink and die.

And we have our own spirits true

To lead us without lies.

The dead are dead, they cannot hear,

Nor can they see or know,

And if they could they’d only want

For us to grow and grow.

We’ll be ourselves, we’ll reach for joy,

Live life up to the brim,

And celebrate with songs of cheer,

And be in self a hymn.

A hymn to life, a hymn to light,

A hymn to spirit free,

That to itself is true as gold,

As you are true to me.

So rest, oh, rest, oh, rest, my dear;

So rest your tired limbs.

The birds will sing the sweetest of all their sweet’ning hymns.

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