Oh, the day was hard and the hours long,

And the ringing hammers all our song,

But with steel we spoke till the rocks were broke—

With steel bars and muscle,

And an aim of mind that was not kind

In the fierce, titannic struggle.

We wedged straight in, we hammered deep—

Crack! The rock was breaking!

Now load the cart and haul away;

Strong houses we’ll be making!

Oh, the day is past the halfway point,

Yet we are almost dine here.

Our labor does our sweat annoint,

And now for a glass of beer!

The earth glad giveth all it can

To aid the day of working man,

And we give joy of loving truth

That in all ages smiles its youth.

Now, one last strike into the heart

That laughs and laughs with breaking!

Earth’s broken heart’s a happy heart,

For man, her true love, shaking.

She leaves the ground where she was bound,

Now free for architecting!

She’ll stand, be tall, outshine them all,

Life-proud in man’s inspecting.

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