At Kilchurn Castle

At Kilchurn Castle in days gone by,

When clouds swept down ‘tween mount and sky,

Remember, then, we took a boat—

So easy on that lake to float—

And out with swans did oar our way,

So glad for such a perfect day.

We saw the whole sky darken; oh,

The castle hid from view! Thunder, then,

Sounded loudy all around! And then,

White lightning! Splitting, breaking free!

All this over and on the castle! But we

Were safe in our little boat, enjoying it.

At Kilchurn Castke, in days gone by,

When you were eighteen, twenty, I,

We did strange things no others dared,

Free and open and unimpaired. And not shared

With anyone.

But I shared you and you shared me,

And here we are, still strong and free,

A perfect storm of harmony—

A living truth, a prolonged day

Of dawn through dawn gone all the way!

We’re killing it at Kilchurn Castle!

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