Saturday Night Fever (18, Nov. 2017)

I’m so happy, happy, happy that I love you,

And I’m glad, I’m glad, I’m glad you love me, too!

When you’re laughing, laughing, laughing I could hug you,

And when you “heart” me I do fall more fast for you.

I’m so very, very light when we are chatting;

I could sit up on the ceiling quite at ease.

And from all our cheery play of sweet romancing

I am buzzing like a hundred zipping bees!

You’re my honey and my comb, and I’ll fly to you my home,

And you’ll be my loving queen that I won’t sting.

In each cell within the hive we will kiss to keep alive,

And our workers will make bells for us to ring!

We will ring and sing and play, swing all night and sleep all day,

We’ll be happy, happy, happy we are free!

From this honeycomb our home we will never ever roam,

But be loving, loving, loving, yes sireee!

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