Winter Love (Nov. 29, 2017)

You’re outside, walking in the cold still air;

A warm fur coat is on you, but your head is bare.

It’s almost freezing, but your hands are free—

You like to feel the cold and its calm mystery.

The sky is gray and gray is getting dark;

You make your way into the pine tree park.

Suddenly, sailing, a tiny flake of snow!

You watch it, catch it, your face—moon-glow!

You spread your fingers—there to see

Your palm is wet with passed mystery.

Now other flakes are sailing—lively, all around!

Lovely little dancers creating no sound.

You feel them on your face, with joy do smile.

Cold, yet tender love they give, a sweet, sweet while.

You spread your arms and whirly-whirl about:

The snowflake you has come on out!

Now, hand in hand, together we do stroll

Into the winter wonderland with glad hearts whole.

And now from off a rock a bunch of snow you take

To press to your precious lips for pure love’s sake.

Then on my lips you press it, for my kiss, too,

The coolest lovey-dovey gift to me from you.

But passion is too warm—it melts and flies away,

While we stand laughing on this snow day!

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