All Hands On Deck! (From Oct. 14, 2017)

My dear, l live your light,

It thrills me day and night.

It dizzies me

And sizzles me

Till l am fried and tight.

Then must l travel far through space

To hold you, darling, face to face.

I love your dogs,

I love your birds,

I love your Funny Girl, too.

I’d love to send you more than words

And put my hands on you.

“All hands on deck!”

Will be my shout,

As my two hands obey,

And you l’ll turn

And spin about

And kiss you as l may!

The captain of the ship is me,

And you’re the ship l own.

I’ll rig you with caresses free

As we sail off, alone.

Don’t mutiny, my deary dear;

And don’t sink on the floor.

You’d better swim up to the bed,

Revived with kisses four!

Don’t flounder now, don’t roll around,

As you were drowning fast.

This is no grave, but I’m a wave,

And you on me are cast!

I am the anchor of your heart,

Accept it, dear, don’t fight.

The sea is true, it’s me and you,

Our bedroom isle is right!

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