Sixty-Three (12 July, 2017)

Clarinda at nineteen;

I knew you right away.

Just shows when you’re a smart shy Queen

Your spirit’s beauty glows.

It glows, and so retains

That high intelligence

That’s all my joy to gain.

For gain I do, my sweet nineteen,

And it is great to see

That you are now my sharp-mind Queen

At rising sixty-three.

That sweet, shy girl

Has risen true

To be the one and only you.

I look real close, and in your face

My own young shyness finds its place.

And I am glad as glad can be

That I’ve met you at sixty-three.

The world may pour out troubles much,

Relationships may sour,

But on your picture my lips touch

With love of lasting power.

Fair Queen Clarinda, Princess there,

Young and shy, sincere and fair,

Your pictures—all—bring joy to me,

But I’m in love with sixty-three.

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