Oh, Why Am I…(Sept. 14, 2017)

Oh, why am I thinking of sex now so much,

And why am I wanting and yearning your touch?

What happened to spiritual loving so kind,

And what is this force now o’er-taking my mind?

I see your intelligence, know it is true,

But only want my lips on your lips and you,

The smell and the breath of your hair and your skin—

Oh, how I want them to wrap me within!

Your ears, I would bite them so lightly, my dear!

Your nipples I’d kiss for your pleasure, my dear.

My hands would seek ownership– calves, thighs and hips–

Then, oh, how I’d thrill you with tongue and with lips!

You’ll say my libido is seeking release,

But only in you will this urge end in peace;

For only this physical-spiritual quest

Can give me the one thing I want that is best.

Yes, you are the best and the highest I know,

And I want the highest, and it will be so!

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