Caught! (Oct. 23, 2017)

My lover, my lover, my lover,

Oh, what you are to me

Is more than a man could discover

Through all eternity,

Though everything he found was pure as gold.

With riches piled high

In great bank vaults towering

He would not have that soaring wing have I.

And yet you flutter low to lift me as I grow,

Yout spirit in my soul an angel true.

Your song in me is flame

That intensifies my love to ever more

And more my love to show

Till all my life’s desire is for you

A burning fire

That will never, ever, ever let you go!

This divine simplicity

That exists in you and me

Is a truth that comes but rarely unto two.

But it’s here, and we have caught it,

We can cheer for what it’s taught us—

That honesty in loving is a height

Beyond the reach of any but the real,

Who never turn away from their ideal.

You are the one I’ve always wanted,

As you have always wanted me.

We hungered and we panted

And now, self-caught, we’re free!

Free in halo love round you and me.

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