Are We Not Young? (from Oct. 27, 2017)

Are we not young, my luff, loving true,

As you love me and l love you?

And you might say, “We’re young as we perceive.”

I’d answer, “We’re young at heart, l believe.”

And when l’m off that aeroplane,

And when l look into yourveyes,

Belief, perception, will remain

As we make our own Paradise.

The Fountain of Youth is a fountain of truth,

And the truth of you and me

Will be bliss of a kiss that does not miss

The souls that are you and me.

Though we hold hands, or walk apart,

We’ll still be double, heart on heart;

Though crowds of people cause unease,

My soul will strengthen back and knees.

Though family, friends, seem overmuch,

They’ll stop not “accidental” touch;

And when, at last, we are alone,

We will, for all lost time, atone.

Oh luffy-duffy, love of mine,

Oh tender, true, my world divine,

I love you, love you, love you so,

And want our love to overflow!

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