Let Joy Come In

My dearest love who loves so dearly true,

Let lifelong guilt fall far away from you.

Self-punishment must end in self-made peace,

And you have earned, self harshly, true release.

Your love of justice made you take on guilt,

But virtue in you did not fail or wilt,

And that is why today your mind is pure,

For you were strong to take it and endure.

Oh dearest mine you never meant a wrong,

But stubborness sang through you with its song,

And brave intent turned into selfless act,

While silent you bore pain upon your rack.

Your love of justice made you take it all,

Your virtue was a chain that kept you there.

More virtuous than they who are so small

They still can’t see that only you are fair.

My dearest love who lives so honest, true,

Let guilt for brave false wrong fall far away from you.

Look at your picture when you were nineteen—

How bold you were— a boldness rarely seen!

How beautiful, proud, and good at fifty-three,

High wonder giving joy to those who see!

At least to me, who loves you all your life.

You could, and should have been, my one true wife!

And still, at sixty-three, your strength shines out;

Your steely independence none can rout.

Your gentle, thoughtful soul l praise, adore,

Which adoration you have earned, and much, much more.

With many years ahead of us to live

My deep-down love l worshiping will give.

My dearest love, who loves so dearly true,

Let joy come in and live his life with you.

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