More and More (from Sept. 2017)

Much more, much more than yesterday,

I love you more today.

I don’t believe in yesterday

When l loved you less more.

And yet, ’twas more than day before

(And that was more than days before),

When at the start, with all my heart,

I loved you more and more.

When more is most, when most is all

Of every loving part of me,

When all the parts make one great heart

And that great heart my whole life be,

Then all of what l am and do

Will be my giving most for you;

O Love, l am that all of time

That steps and steps with more, sublime,

That gives the most if all it’s got,

And backward steps, it has them not.

Now to the throne whereon you sit,

Near table with dear books on it,

Near where you shine with pen and light,

And press your love in writing right,

I come with tongue of joyous praise,

And soul that sings you all your days!

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