Day and Night (Sept. 2017)

In the first dim light of the morn

Not a car was honking its horn.

A few flags just lazing about

And no bums shouting a shout.

Then two geese came sailing in view—

Each honked like honking was new!

And a truck beep-beeped out of sleep,

And a sparrow cheeped for a cheep,

While the sun shafted clouds half torn

And ran in to cheer, “It’s morn!”

“But where is my Lady?”

A thought in me said.

“Is she writing a poem,

Or a book has just read?

Does she gaze out a window

For a dream-beam to see,

And is thinking a little,

Just a little of me?”

Oh, catch, my dear Lady,

Catch this that I throw—

A kiss, my loved Lady,

For wherever you go!

Imagine it true

And imagine it thus—

My kisses to you

Are only for us.

Then back to your writing,

To pen in the line,

“My life is exciting

For he is all mine!”

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