Perplection Reflection (Oct. 2017)

Perplexed by love was lovey-dove,

That one should do much love her.

Perplexed was he by copier she,

Though he held no one above her.

Upon reflection and soul’s inspection

They came to the conclusion

They both were out to win election

As Star of love’s illusion!

She tested him on jealousy;

He passed, by just a hair!

He examined her consistency;

Some doubts, but she spoke fair.

They over-thought were over-wrought,

Till he said, “You, you you!”

And she knew she was she he sought,

And she in love fell, too!

Below the cliff they both do lie,

In perplexed connection;

We hear a moan , a laugh a sigh,

But sex we must not mention!

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