Upon The Grass (Oct. 2017)

My love, I say I need you, and that is true.

But no, I am not lost without you, no.

My mind is still my own, I’ve my own will,

And yet, when all us said and done, I need you still.

Time was I needed none, nor did I want.

I thought it right to want, but did not find

A soul to call my own, no liking mind.

Some girls were pretty, but, when they did speak

I knew they weren’t for me, they seemed so weak.

I wanted strength of spirit, self it’s own,

Someone to love, admire, respect. And yet,

Someone as beautiful and true as you

I needed, too, who wants the things I give,

And wants the giver, me, who gives to live

The poems and songs and stories that are me,

And gentleness and thoughtfulness and trust.

And so I say I need you, dear, but this

Is just another form of want, and this

Is just another form of greatest need,

That wants the you I want with all my soul,

That needs you there to want and need me, too.

Oh, there’s no way else to say that I love you!

Action must wait, hugs and kisses wait;

Everything’s on hold and must stand still.

And so I wait and save as days go by,

And wait and save, while in my mind I fly!

I fly, yes; sometimes I cry, then tell myself

I must be more mature, stronger, hard,

Till softness of your soul melts hard away,

And as we message I grow light as May.

I’m waiting, dear; I’m saving; time will pass,

Them at your feet I’ll kneel upon the grass.

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