Liberty Day

Romantic, Romantic, oh, what can you be?

“l’m physical-spiritual life energy,

Connected with mind and emotional heart,

And joined to your body, each muscle, each part.

I’m given my orders by will and desire,

The unspoken hummings that murmur with fire.

So secretly, sweetly, l speed with hid might

Till suddenly—-there l am! You are a-light!

Overpowered you are by my forces so true

Till, blinking, you wonder what’s come over you;

But see! I am really that “you” more complete

Directing yourself to your love-of-life Sweet!

So don’t cheat Romantic; honor, be true,

To the only one love who is lover of you!”

Romantic, Romantic, l know you now, yes.

I’ll save you and keep you for my happiness.

There’s one who had waited in year full of play

For me and Romantic and Liberty Way!


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