The Anti-Egoist

As Ayn Rand demonstrates in her great, poetic short novel, “Anthem”, it is man’s ego which makes human life possible and enjoyable. It is man’s ego which is at the center and the beginning of human progress in every area of life—the industrial, the medical and the artistic among the rest. All of us owe praise and thanks to the egoistic dreamers and inventors and creators of past ages and present, without whom there would not be a wheel, a light bulb, a phone or a computer—-a computer for anti-egoists to post on.

Anyone who calls for the defeat of the ego is calling for the defeat of real success and personal happiness, for the surrender of hope and physical and mental health. Mental hospitals are full of anti-egoists. He who says he wants to defeat the ego is a psychological and moral self-corruptor, who lives for nothing but to destroy human happiness, close down the individual will and sacrifice the independent mind. He who wants to destroy the ego is also against romantic love. Romantic love is nothing but one “I” admiring and loving another “I” solely and totally. The anti-egoist may smile in a picture; there is nothing but hatred in his heart.

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