Half A Liar

Oh Lovey-Dove, my only love,
How far, how far, how far away
You seem to me to be!
Oh Lovey-Dove, my only love.

I know: some taps on keys,
Electric mysteries,
Then online me, online you—
I know all that is true.

But in my arms you are not yet,
Our kisses, tears, don’t mingle wet,
And I’m still lonely as can be
For my dear Lovey-Dovey!

Patience, patience, you will say,
And I say, “That is right.”
Patient, patient arms all day
That yearn to hold you tight!

And yet, Love-dove, it may be true,
That you love half a liar,
For though my feet walk not toward you,
My hands are burning fire!

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