Who longs to hold life’s love within his whole live heart forever
Might here now sing all joy on high.
For where your fairness shines upon the lifting eyes of he who’s seeking,
And that rare bright ringing voice of thine impales bare beauty on his ageless ear,
The touch and smell and feel of thee ache into his marrow like a blade of fear,
But not of pain, for only pleasuring stainless fire has taught his soul to fly.

O Love, thou art a goddess,
And all thy heart is mine to worship,
Mine alone to carry me uplyring through a fairy choir of praise,
A roar of soft-winged rapture for thy pure unshaded thought and fiery isle of praise.

Yes, you, the first and true Love’s lover and the star-high dreamer’s dream.
Yet e’en more than these are, more than any of the best of these may ever deem—
A flash of eternity sparking through the night,
With rosy-budded flesh to crush all through,
And the gentle fragile breath that sings my lips in two,
And eyes—Spring’s spirit—opening, lightening, light.

This timeless, perfect hour, raised within your radiance,
And born to be the purpose of my life,
Here in heart and hand shall all time’s fate command,
Command all joys and fames, all flight of glad good names,
All triumph’s height.

Here at last may one man say what all men would but never could,
“Now I cast all dreams away, for all my life is good.”

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