Republicans, Not Lemo-crats

Most Americans highly value winning, the focused effort which leads to being number one. This is what the democrats never grasp about America—America is a land of winners, not losers; America is a land of pride in achievement, not one of seeking pity for failure. The Republican mind and character is based on hard work, honest self-respect, and celebrating the good. The Democratic, or lemon-cratic, soul is based on feeling like a lemon, feeling badly about most things, guilty about achievements, guilty for being the land of the greatest success and happiness, guilty about being America.

It has been government leftist propaganda pushed through public mis-education which has created a lot of lemons and lemon-lovers, But the great, true, brave heart of America still beats strongly and the lemo-crats can’t understand it. It is time for republicans to try even harder to get rid of public education and let private ambition and love of learning take over.

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2 Responses to Republicans, Not Lemo-crats

  1. Sadah says:

    Beautifully written.

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