Quality vs. Quantity

The man or woman who loves their own life, their own abilities, and passionately does their best, and enjoys it, outlives those who do not by thousands of years. Quality of living, and loving it, creates true longevity. A man who just muddles along, following the crowd, never thinking an independent thought, lives, really lives, not even a week. So, do not wonder at accumulations of large quantities of years by some older people. The young, passionate artist, who dies at 26, may have outlived them by centuries.

The time we live is the time we live; it is our own lifespan; it is not long or short. It is useless to compare it to some other man’s lifespan. His is his and your is yours. The important thing is to raise the quality of your life to its highest and to keep it there for all the while you live. In this respect quantity is meaningless.

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