We Woke Up Age

Love came to you and me, my dear,
Because we love to love,
And when we saw each other clear,
Knew none more high above.

We zeroed in on love’s deep soul
That through light words did soar;
Embraced the face, the spirit whole,
The laughter oh, so pure.

We dreamed a dream that was so real—
Your halo hair, my lyric rhymes,
The wit of us, that made ideal
The happy chat of speeding times.

We woke up Age and made him sing
That love was not yet done;
That wonders of the heart take wing
When true beats have begun.

And here, sang we, does life agree
Our love is much the best,
For spirits that are really free
Take on the toughest test.

Then let us, dear, love even more
This love-in-age that’s new,
For we are rich in what-life’s-for
Who do such dream pursue.

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