Caring for Billions

Literally billions of people lived and died before I came into existence. Do they matter to me? Of course not. Do I matter to them? Of course not.

Now, in my lifetime, billions of people live and die. Do they matter to me? Of course not. Do I matter to them? Of course not. Only certain individuals who I personally come to know and value matter to me. Only as I come to be personally known and valued by them will I matter to them. This is right and proper, in accordance with human decency and common sense.

To say we, or I, or you, should care about the world, is nonsense. Whether it is oceans, mountains, trees, insects, animals, planets, stars or other human beings, it is pure, mindless, unthinking, and yes, unfeeling, nonsense.

To respect feelings we must accept that we are not giants. We do not possess huge, mammoth hearts that can feel, really feel, for more than a few people at a time. To say that we can care for a whole city of people is self-delusion. At the outside, maybe we could care for twenty people of our immediate family of workforce, if we know them well enough. We must stop pretending to ourselves that we can care for hundreds, thousands, millions. We make but a mockery of all serious human caring. And then a Mao tse Tung, or a Hitler, or a Stalin, attempting to “improve” his people, mows down a million with “loving care.”

These men were guided by a delusion, the delusion of “caring for” masses of people. Impossible. Even if one _could_ care for masses of people, what would be the point? All you would do is to cease respecting them as individuals and they would merely blend into a mass of mental jelly, without character, without dignity. And you? Where would you be? Lost, not really loving any one person; not allowing the flower of your love to grow inside of you. your life, your soul, your meaning to yourself, would be as nothing, as if you had never existed.

Death is not the meaning of life. Only your personal, love-founded choices can ever have real meaning for you. All else is pretending nonsense.

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