There are Optimists and there are Pessimists

Optimist: I can do it.
Pessimist: I’ll probably fail, so why try?

Optimist: Yes, ever so slightly, things are improving.
Pessimist: It’s not looking much better; we’re wasting our time.

Optimist: There’s a light at the end of the tunnel; push harder!
Pessimist: We’re too far away to make it; better sit down and pray.

Optimist: For the young at heart there is always a chance to find love.
Pessimist: I’m too old already; besides, love isn’t all that great.

Optimist: Love is the most wonderful thing in the world!
Pessimist: Every day we live we’re a day closer to dying.

Optimist: I’ll never give up on me.
Pessimist: Optimists are a pain. Why? They’re too happy too often.

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