Now you are in your big house;
I in my little.
The rain taps on both our doors.

Taps on your big door seem soft;
Hard on my small door.
Oh, let the taps be your fist!


Once, I was at your big door;
You at my little.
Such the joker—Impatience!


Big storm! Are we invited?
A drop in party.
Two is enough. Kiss and Kiss.

You Are

My soul leaps to tomorrow.
You are the sunrise.
Tomorrow is my today.
You stand with a smile.
All my days are tomorrows;
You, all sunrises.
My soul is always leaping.

The True Life

Many paths come and criss-cross,
Many paths are false.
The true path is me to you.

I am not afraid of time.
Days do not deceive.
The true year is me to you.

You have taught me much wisdom.
Let our smiles reflect.
The true life is me and you.

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