A Kiss

There’s nothing on earth I’d rather do
Than be, Luff-duff, in love with you.
There’s nothing on earth I’d rather see
Than you, my love, right next to me.
And so, in this great life I know,
With all its varying inter-flow
Of lovely songs and beauty’s sights,
Of flowers fair and towering heights,
One deep attraction’s tracking me,
Rich in romantic mystery—
You, Luffy-duffy, lovey dove,
Who fill me up with your great love.
I cannot say much more than this,
So catch me, love, and give a kiss,
Then dizzy me deliriously!

Oh Luff-duff lovey, Luffy mine,
Your sweetness, it is so divine,
I fall for you in half-way play,
But find, I do, I’m down to stay,
A blade of grass between your toes,
Or baby flower, maybe rose,
That waits your glowing fingertips
To lift me to your luffly lips.
And there I’ll sigh, become a wing,
Then into sparrow fly and sing;
At last, a man, awoke by thee,
Who set my loving spirit free.
O Luffy-duff, my spirit’s wife,
I love you till the end of life!

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