The Start Of Time

Happy, healthy, sixty-three,
My Luffy-duff now waits for me.
Winter comes, is bringing snow,
But that won’t stop my wings from go.

I love my Luffy, she’s complete,
From hair to toes she can’t be beat.
Her mind secure, her spirit pure,
My love of her will long endure.

Malaysian nights will find our eyes
Locked up in joyous Paradise.
Malaysian days will sing our praise
As hand in hand we walk our ways.

Malaysian rains won’t get us wet;
Neath my umbrella we’ll be set.
Oh yes! I’ll buy! Keep Luffy dry,
As back into the house we fly!

I love my Luffy, she’s so smart,
Self-guided with a tender heart.
Uncommon sense, she, too, has it—-
Nicely spiced with subtle wit.

Then I’ll sit down, and so will she;
I’ll look at her, she’ll look at me;
And we will know the truth of truth—
Strong age is made of love and youth.

For we are strong in loving hearts,
Our youthful spirits play their parts;
And stronger we when two is one,
As lips touch lips in time begun.

Oh yes, the start of time is ours,
Inside the house, or under stars.
The world of us begins a-new,
For I and Luffy love so true!

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