We Know

Oh, when we meet I’ll take your hand
And hold in mine a while,
Squeeze it gently, where we stand,
And then, I hope, you’ll smile.

I’ll look into your twinkling eyes,
And you’ll look into mine,
And I’ll know i see Paradise,
And you’ll think, “He is fine.”

You’ll lead me off, out to the car,
And you won’t have to tug,
But I’ll swing round, your path to bar,
And give you one warm hug.

Then you’ll look up, and I’ll look down,
A great two inches, Lo!
And we won’t speak, but you will see
That we have love to show.

So quiet in the car we’ll sit,
Our hands held sure and tight,
And we won’t care who’s driving it,
Or if he drives all night.

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