Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand was the greatest and most thoroughly honest philosophical thinker the world has known. She was fiercely independent and possessed an unbreached integrity. She never shied away from difficult problems, but faced them head-on. She identified the axiom that existence exists, that a thing is itself, and not what anyone wishes it to be. she defined, formulated and proved the first mentally healthy, morality ever. All other moralities, Christian, Jewish, Islamist, Taoist, Buddhist, etc., are invested with sick, anti-life ideas. Ayn Rand proved that man is an end in himself, and that his only moral purpose is to achieve his own life and happiness. She proved that reason is man’s highest value, rationality his highest virtue. She demonstrated that the irrational, whether mystical meanderings and so-called visions, or subjective whims, are the cause of all the wars and troubles of mankind.

In aesthetics, she proved that rationally realistic ideals of heroism and beauty are the proper aims of the artist, the sculptor, the composer, the writer. In her great romantic novels she exalts the hero—the honest, courageous man and woman who never give up, but fight on, with integrity and justice, toward seemingly impossible goals.

In politics she proved that individual rights are the highest values which a proper government must uphold and protect. She also proved that the initiation of physical force by one or some men against others is the essence of criminal and political evil.

In all subjects Ayn Rand consistently upheld the principle of non-sacrificial and fully rational selfishness. The purpose of a man is not to give his life to others, but to live it for himself, just as they should live for themselves. Ayn Rand is to be praised for her unique, independent, and original achievement. If anyone deserves a statue in every major city of the world, it is Ayn Rand. She is the greatest teacher in the world, and we all have a ton of things to learn from her.

Detractors will unthinkingly sneer that she had a love affair when she was married, (there was no deception—her husband knew and he accepted) as if having an overabundance of love is proof that all of one’s ideas are false. What? If she had lived as a recluse, loving no one, that would prove the truth of her ideas? But deep, passionate love “proves” falseness? Think again before you damn someone for having a great capacity for love.

Ayn Rand never asked for faith. She did not want blind, stupid, dependent followers. She wanted people to think for themselves, to be independent, to come to their own conclusions—and be able to prove them.

I need say no more about those who try to detract from, or to disparage the character of Ayn Rand. Her character was the noblest that we will ever know. She was and is the greatest real world heroine. We who honor and love her, honor and love ourselves.

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