I’ll Give My Youth

If old age comes more fast and fast
I’ll have to faster run from it
To save my youth for you!

So pull my legs and make them long,
For longer stride, and quick and strong,
To speed my youth to you!

And you, so young at sixty-three,
Stay right there and wait for me,
While saving youth of you!

You laugh, you smile, you think I’m odd,
But I’ll beat age—-I will, by God!
To save my youth for you!

Imagining your lips and eyes
Youth’s forces in me rise and rise
To save my youth for you!

Oh, but I’m an oddish man,
And yet I love you all I can
And I’ll save youth for you!

And though I totter to your door,
One step ahead of age–the bore,
I’ll give last youth to you!

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