Since I was made for you
And you were made for me,
We don’t need any glue,
But love com-plet-e-ly.

It’s not a brand, it’s in the heart,
A whole to whole, a part to part;
But if the heart had such a brand
It would be sizzling very grand!

And if the brand had such a fire
To weld in one our souls’ desire,
I’d say to you, you’d say to me,
“You are my glue com-plet-e-ly!

You’re glued to me, I’m glued to you,
No matter what we do or say.
And this, I think, is highly true:
We’re stuck like stickum every day!

Ha Ha, hee hee, ho ho, hoo hoo!
You, my deary are my glue!

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