The Problem, a short essay

There is no such thing as “the problem”. Some people, looking at various bad happenings in a society, such as high crime rate, police brutality, regulations, taxes, poverty, indoctrinated and uneducated youth, etc., will say that government is the problem. And yet, when these same people are robbed, but the police catch the thieves and their money and/or valuables are returned, they do not say to the policeman, “You, as an arm of the government, are the problem.”

This idea of “the problem” is wrong-headed. It suggests that there is one thing in society which needs fixing and then all will be well. But, no matter what kind of a society you have, there will always be some people who choose to be dishonest, always some who will choose to act on anger or rage, or envy or jealousy, always some who will try to gain power over others by initiating force. And yet, in how many households today are parents teaching their children to be honest, to think independently, logically, to distinguish between feelings and thought, to respect the bodies and property of others?

There can never be one problem to be solved which makes for a peaceful, productive, creative, just and beautiful society. But honesty is still the best over-all policy. Nor is human nature “the problem”. For it is only man’s ability to think that can solve “any” problems. It is only man’s reasoning mind which can identify “problems” in the first place.

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