Up To You

You boost me up so very high
I think I’ll faint before I fly.
From thought of assets falling low
I hit the gas, and up I go!
You treat me true, my life esteem—
My love, my sweet, you’re such a dream
That sleep shall wake me not for sun;
I am a star—a shooting one!
Around in love I circle, clear;
Clear of un-self-worth I steer!
Now Poetry, who was my wife,
Obeys my love, who is my life!
And Confidence, who dared to part,
Glides back inside my surer heart.
It’s you, it’s you, it’s you, my sweet,
Who put these wings upon my feet;
Like Mercury now fly I swift
In joy of flight for your high gift.
Up to your arms, your lips, I wing,
To kiss and love you, dance and sing!

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