Within Me

You are the sleeper within me who’s woken;
You pluck at my heartstrings and sing out my soul.
I had ne’er before known me a singer half-broken
Till you gathered a chord and again I was whole.
Was it I who awoke you? Were you always my spirit?
Was I blinder than blind that I never saw you?
But now I hear sweetness, and joy I to hear it,
Sweetness so sharp, and my heartbeats now true!
All my life I had lost you, but knew not my losing,
All my days I looked outward, but didn’t know where.
Now suddenly wakened, you smile in my choosing;
Oh, be it not dream that you really are there!
Out of me, far from me, close, and inside of me,
Far oversea are, yet wholly my own.
Sleeper and waker, and shaker of light in me,
You’re the life story of all I’ve not known!
Sentence me, speak through me, work me with words, my love;
Inside your whispers I’ll soar as your dove.

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